Villa Bonera
The tradition of hospitality
Sleeping in a house that has 5 centuries of history: is it not enough?
Just to make the idea, Villa Gnecco (Gnecco Nin of San Tomaso is the complete name of the family that made the structure built) was already standing when Luther posted his 95 theses that gave way to the Protestant reform, when Leonardo painted his famous self-portrait, when in today's Mexico the great Montezuma reigned.
Marco & Barbara
Villa Bonera
Video Tour
Discover Villa Bonera
In the beautiful video-interview created by Zenazone, the story of the villa told by Marco, a virtual visit to learn more about this place full of charm. Villa Bonera welcomes its guests in the locations kept as much as possible as originally: frescoed ceilings, the ancient fortepiano in the hall at the second floor, the dining room that was originally the chapel of the villa, so many stories and tales.
A family-run business that has lasted since the 50s and that you can admire even more in the morning, with the scent of the homemade cakes of Gabriella, mother of Marco and Barbara.
The history of Villa Bonera
Patrician residence of the 1500s
The Villa Bonera hotel lays the foundations on the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to the God Neptune. In the first half of the eighteenth century, roughly between the birth of George Washington and the one of the Marquis De Sade, the Villa saw big restoration work, during which was placed the magnificent marble staircase. Around the mid-1800s the Gnecco counts rented the Villa to the most noble marquises Arconati who, with the right contacts, in 1846 had the opportunity to get nothing other than Giovanni Battista Giorgini and Vittoria Manzoni, daughter of a certain novelist named Alessandro, married in the private chapel of the mansion (today's breakfast room and restaurant). Since the second half of the nineteenth century Villa Bonera became a hotel and prestigious destination for guests from half of Europe, mainly Russians, Englishes, Swisses, Dutches and Germans; the latter took the villa particularly close to heart, so much that during World War II they seized it and made it the headquarters of the Nazi Navy. The war raids Some original paintings from the 1700s and 1800s were left in the building from the war raids, as well as the splendid frescoes in many rooms and common areas. Between the 50s and 60s of the last century, Villa Bonera was purchased by private subjects and the Morandi family took over the business: at first grandfather Mario, then father Roberto and now the brothers Marco and Barbara continue the tradition of hospitality in Nervi with a smile, in a familiar environment.
Villa Bonera is taken under management by the Morandi family
Hotel Villa Bonera is managed by the Morandi family, that has been running it for three generations.
It’s seized during the Second World War
During the Second World War, the Villa was seized to become the headquarters of the Nazi Navy.
Villa Bonera becomes a prestigious hotel
Nervi takes a tourist vocation, Villa Bonera goes with the flow and becomes a hotel, welcoming guests from all over Europe.
Wedding of Vittoria Manzoni
Giovanni Battista Giorgini and Vittoria Manzoni, Alessandro's daughter, get married in the private chapel of the Villa.
The Villa is rented
The marquises Arconati take Villa Bonera for rent.
Great work of reconstruction
At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the marble staircase inside the villa is included.
Villa Bonera is built
The Doria Family gives permission to the Gnecco Nin family of San Tomaso to build the structure.
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